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Cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high or intoxication. There is some evidence that CBD may block or lower some of the effects of THC on the mind. This may occur when the amount of CBD in the cannabis is the same or higher than the amount of THC.

CBD is also being studied for its possible therapeutic uses.

Other Cannabis Information

Other Cannabis Information

CBD vs THC: What is the difference?

Cannabis consumers have long prized potency (a high THC content) as one of the main factors that makes a particular strain more desirable. Though traditional demand for THC has caused an oversaturation of high-potency products, many consumers are starting to prefer less intense products that are lower in THC and higher in the non-intoxicating compound called cannabidiol (CBD).

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, but they’re different in many ways that may influence your next dispensary purchase.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are chemicals made and stored in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, with the cannabinoids. Terpenes give cannabis its distinctive smell.

They tend to be shiny, sticky, and always carry the most amazing aromas. Upon looking closer, however, these blankets of frost appear to be large collections of what are known as trichomes.

What are Trichomes?

The actual definition of trichome is “fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists.” Originating from the Greek word
“Tríchōma” meaning “growth of hair,” these tiny microscopic mushroom-looking protuberances look like something out of a science fiction novel. But
they are actually the very factories that produce the hundreds of known cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make cannabis strains potent,
unique, and effective.”

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Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

Strains are commonly broken up into three distinct groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Most consumers have used these three cannabis types as a touchstone for predicting effects:

  1.  Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.
  2.  Sativas tend to provide more invigorating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects.
  3. Hybrids are thought to fall somewhere in between the indica-sativa spectrum, depending on the traits they inherit from their parent strains.

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Edmonton By-laws
Cannabis Consumption in your home
You can consume cannabis:
In your own home and yard. It’s important to know, however, that property owners, landlords, condo boards and rental companies can further restrict the smoking and growing of cannabis on their properties and common areas.

*Any information provided on this website is to be considered legal information only. It is not legal advice or a replacement for legal advice.

Alberta Law

Public Spaces,Parklands,Commerical Buildings

Can Consume:

In some parks and trails in Edmonton, except as outlined below.

Cannot Consume:

Cannot Consume when the park contains:

A playground
A sports field
A skate park or bicycle park
An outdoor theatre
An outdoor pool or water spray park
A seasonal skating rink
An off leash area

On or within any:

Hospital property
School property
Child care facility property
City-owned golf course
Ski hill
Bus terminal or light rail transit platform

Also cannot Consume within:

Sir Winston Churchill Square
Fort Edmonton Park
The John Janzen Nature Centre
The Edmonton Valley Zoo
The Muttart Conservatory
William Hawrelak Park

Cannot Consume within an area designated as a no smoking area for cannabis. Cannot Consume inside any building, including bus shelters, LRT stations and cannabis retail stores.

City/Public Sidewalks


On some sidewalks in Edmonton, except as outlined below.

Cannot Consume:

Within 10 metres from a bus stop or the doorway, window or air intake of a building or patio.
Cannot consume on a patio

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Consumption in a Vehicle

Can Consume:

In a vehicle being used as a temporary residence, such as a parked RV.
If transporting cannabis in a vehicle, cannabis will need to be contained in closed packaging and out of reach of the driver and any other
occupants of the vehicle.

Cannot Consume:

Just like alcohol, you cannot consume in a vehicle. This includes public vehicles like buses and taxis.

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Festivals and Events

Can Consume:

At some festivals and public events, but only in designated areas. Policies for the creation of these areas are being developed.

Federal Law

Entering Canada

Despite the fact that cannabis will become legal and regulated in Canada in the near future, it is illegal now and will remain illegal to transport
cannabis across Canada’s national borders.

This prohibition applies:

even if you are authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes
no matter how much cannabis you have with you even if you are travelling to or from an area where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized.

If you are entering Canada and you have cannabis with you in any form, you must declare it to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Not declaring cannabis in your possession at the Canadian border is a serious offence. You could face arrest and prosecution.

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Leaving Canada

It is illegal to take cannabis across Canada’s international borders. You could be subject to criminal charges if you try to travel to other countries with any amount of cannabis in your possession.

Cannabis is illegal in most countries. You could be denied entry to another country, if you have: involvement in the legal cannabis industry in Canada
previously used cannabis or any substance prohibited by local laws

As a traveller, it is your responsibility to be informed about the laws of the country you intend to visit. This includes the legal status of cannabis use and possession in any country you may travel to. You must obey the laws of the country you are in. Consequences for doing otherwise could be severe.

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Travelling with Cannabis in Canada

When you are travelling within Canada it is your responsibility to learn the laws of the province or territory you are going to. If you use cannabis, purchase and consume it within the province or territory you are in. Follow the laws that are in place in that jurisdiction.

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General Cannabis Information

General Cannabis Information

What cannabis products will be legal to purchase in 2018?

Under the Cannabis Act, these products will be available for purchase in 2018:
    1. Cannabis oil
    2. Fresh cannabis
    3. Dried cannabis
    4. Cannabis plant seeds
    5. Cannabis plants

How do you consume legal cannabis products?

After purchasing legal cannabis products, you can consume them by:

Smoking: Joints, pipes and bongs
Vapourizing: Breathing in dried cannabis through a vaping device
Drinking or eating: Homemade edibles made from cannabis oil or dried cannabis
Ingesting: Capsules containing cannabis oil

When will recreational cannabis become legal in Canada?

It is official ! Use of recreational cannabis became legal on October 17, 2018!

How much cannabis can I possess once it’s legal?

You’ll be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis or equivalent in public.

How much cannabis can I grow at home?

Under federal law, you’ll be allowed to cultivate up to 4 plants in your own residence, equaling 4 plants total per household. Some provinces may restrict whether or how you may grow at home. If you rent or live in a condo, you may also be subject to restrictions imposed by your landlord or
condo by-laws.

How will I transport my cannabis?

It can’t be within reach of anyone in a vehicle.
*Pro-tip: Keep the cannabis in the trunk while traveling.

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Edmonton’s Cannabis Rules

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